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Do you know what to do if you see water crossing over a roadway? Flash floods and floods are the #1 weather - related killer with around 140 deaths recorded in the U.S. each year.
Flash Flood Safety Tips:

  • WHEN INSIDE: If ordered to evacuate or if rising water is threatening, leave immediately and get to higher ground!

  • IF CAUGHT OUTDOORS: Go to higher ground immediately! Avoid small rivers or streams, low spots, canyons, dry riverbeds, etc.. Do not try to walk through flowing water more than ankle deep! Do not allow children to play around streams, drainage ditches or viaducts, storm drains, or other flooded areas!

  • IF IN A VEHICLE: DO NOT DRIVE THROUGH FLOODED AREAS! Even if it looks shallow enough to cross. The large majority of deaths due to flash flooding are due to people driving through flooded areas. Water only one foot deep can displace 1500 lbs! Two feet of water can EASILY carry most automobiles! Roadways concealed by floodwaters may not be intact, as the picture below shows the aftermath of a flood.